Exploring here and there “simultaneously,” like being in the Quantum Superposition

Andi Sama CIO, Sinergi Wahana Gemilang, with Imelda Muti, Jing Yi Chan, Dr. Suryadiputra Liawatimena, and Agung Trisetyarso, Ph.D.

TL;DR: Getting trustable sources from leading Industry Experts and Universities is important. Getting certified is a way to prove that we have reached certain milestones in learning. Clarifying challenging and complex concepts by consulting with different experts would be invaluable in building our understanding gradually.

My interest in Quantum Computing started in May 2016 when IBM launched IBM Quantum Experience, accessible from the IBM Cloud. My curiosity was tickling…

The beauty of Quantum Mechanics for Quantum Computation, featuring IBM Quantum

Andi Sama CIO, Sinergi Wahana Gemilang with Cahyati S. Sangaji

- The intuition of a quantum bit (qubit) as a computing unit in a Quantum computer, in comparison to a binary digit (bit) in a Classical computer.
- Bra-ket notation, bloch sphere, hybrid Classical-Quantum.
- The source code (in Python) for generating illustrated qubit state transitions is available on github.
- This is the first article in the "Qubit, An Intuition" series. …

IBM Cloud Pak for Data with Watson Machine Learning and Cloud Object Storage, on IBM Cloud

Andi Sama CIO, Sinergi Wahana Gemilang with Cahyati S. Sangaji, Nurholis Seha, and Andrew Widjaja

#SWG #SinergiWahanaGemilang #IBM #CloudPakforData #CP4D #AutoAI #IBMAutoAI #MaximoVisualInspection

- Build and Deploy a Machine Learning model using AutoAI (text-based dataset).
- Illustrated on a use case for predicting customer satisfaction for airline passengers (Kaggle dataset).
- Implemented with IBM AutoAI, as part of IBM Cloud Pak for Data on IBM Cloud.

Building an AI (or Machine Learning) model is a complex task. Machine learning and deep learning…

The Potentials and Commercial Applications in the NISQ era

Andi Sama CIO, Sinergi Wahana Gemilang

- The potentials and commercial applications in the NISQ era for Quantum computing, Quantum communication, and Quantum sensing.
- Quantum computing applications for optimization, machine learning, and chemistry. Quantum communication applications with classical (e.g., PQC) or Quantum approach (e.g., QKD). Quantum sensing applications for medical devices, aerospace, and defense industries.

”Finding appropriate algorithms and problems is really challenging for Quantum Computers now,“ said Rupak Biswas, Ph.D., Director of NASA Exploration Technology, who mentioned this during one of the keynote speeches.

On Monday, at…

QCaaS, Investment, Key Industry Players & Startups, Potential Applications, Hardware, and Software

Andi Sama CIO, Sinergi Wahana Gemilang

Starting with IBM in 2016, more and more big industry players and startups have been providing cloud-access to quantum computers (Quantum Computing as a Service), along with related quantum software development kits, whether developed in-house or through strategic partnerships. Among others are Alibaba, D-Wave, Rigetti, AWS, Microsoft, and Xanadu.
VCs have been selectively increasing their investment in quantum computing startups. At the same time, they can not be sure who will be the winner(s), especially on the foundation hardware technologies to build the basic quantum computation unit, the qubit.

Pioneering by IBM…

Artificial Intelligence dan Potensinya

Andi Sama CIO, Sinergi Wahana Gemilang

#SWG #SinergiWahanaGemilang #IBM #IBMIndo #InovasiIndonesia

TLDR; Artificial Intelligence (AI) saat ini dan potensinya di masa depan. Dilengkapi dengan proses pembuatan AI-model (AI data flow) serta contoh-contoh penerapan praktis yang berbasiskan image processing (computer vision), natural language processing, dan transformer.

Samsung TV terbaru telah menghadirkan fitur AI-Upscaling berbasis Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) yang memungkinkan streaming content dengan resolusi ‘rendah’ (HD, High Definition atau juga sering disebut sebagai Full HD)) di-upscale menjadi 4K (Ultra-HD) atau bahkan 8K.

Dalam acara Indonesia AI Summit 2020 yang baru saja selesai diadakan pada pertengahan bulan…

Teleportation and the reality in Quantum Mechanics

Andi Sama CIO, Sinergi Wahana Gemilang

TL;DR: Object teleportation is still just science-fiction as demonstrated in the Star Trek movie. However, quantum information teleportation is possible, conforming to the laws of quantum mechanics.

When mentioning Teleportation, our imagination may go as wild as Star Trek’s transporter platform's ability to beam objects from one location to another. The first teleportation appeared in “the original Star Trek series,” pilot episode “The Cage,“ completed in early 1965 (Wikipedia, 2020d).

Well, hold your breath — the reality is not as wild as our imagination like in…

The Power of Artificial Intelligence for Precision Marketing

Andi Sama CIO, Sinergi Wahana Gemilang with Saptarina.

TLDR: The application of Artificial Intelligence, implemented by Netflix for recommending the next movies to watch, based on previous viewing activities.

2020 may not be the year for many of us expect to be. We can not do activities as we used to be. Planned family vacations have been postponed, and physical events have been mostly converted to virtual. Worldwide regional and global face to face conferences & exhibitions have also been canceled and rescheduled with no clear target dates even for 2021.

Recent Advancements, IBM Quantum Experience

Andi Sama CIO, Sinergi Wahana Gemilang

Artikel ini merupakan update dari artikel sebelumnya (2019)

Quantum Advantage, adalah kondisi yang secara potensial menempatkan kemampuan suatu quantum computer jauh melebihi kemampuan supercomputer konvensional yang paling canggih sekalipun. IBM memprediksi bahwa titik awal menuju Quantum Advantage akan terjadi di tahun 2023, dengan rencana diluncurkannya IBM Quantum Computer berbasis 1121 qubit (IBM, 2020f).

Trend in Commercial Quantum Computing. Diawali dengan peluncuran Quantum Annealer oleh DWave (2011), juga terbukanya akses publik ke IBM Quantum Experience (2016), perkembangan quantum computer menuju komersialiasi quantum computing berkembang dengan cepat. Sejak tahun 2011 pula, berbagai startup mulai berkembang dan sejak tahun 2015 jumlahnya telah melampaui para pemain besar (incumbents) yang menunjukkan potensi besar terhadap perkembangannya di masa yang akan datang. Hal ini termuat dalam naturereviews physics pada 12 Oktober 2020 dalam artikel bertajuk “The emerging commercial landscape of quantum computing” (MacQuarrie, E.R., Simon, C., Simmons, S. et al., 2020).

Komputer berbasis kuantum yang ditujukan untuk melakukan problem solving untuk hal-hal yang bersifat sangat kompleks inilah yang sedang aktif dikembangkan oleh IBM, salah satunya di pusat riset IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights…

An Image Classification use-case by Quantum Transfer Learning

Andi Sama CIO, Sinergi Wahana Gemilang and Cahyati S. Sangaji with Agung Trisetyarso, PhD

*** Supporting files (Python Notebook, images) for this article are available in github.
*** Articles on General Introduction to Quantum Computing are available in "Meneropong Masa Depan: Quantum Computing" (Indonesian), "The Race in Achieving Quantum Supremacy & Quantum Advantage" (English), "Hello Many Worlds in Quantum Computer" (English), "Quantum Teleportation" (English), and "Quantum Random Number Generator"(English).

#IBM #IBMCloud #QuantumExperience #Qiskit #QuantumSimulator #HybridMachineLearning #QML #QuantumMachineLearning #Google #Cirq #Xanadu #Pennylane #IBMPOWER #IBMPOWER-AC922

A generic neural network model (Machine Learning model) trained on the ImageNet dataset is used as the base for Transfer Learning on the Image Classification task (based on ResNet-18 neural network architecture). The last layer of this pre-trained model (fully-connected layer) is modified by quantum through a quantum machine learning framework: Pennylane.ai. The framework (which is open-source) provides convenient access to multiple quantum simulators and real quantum computer backend, including IBM real Quantum Computer on IBM Quantum Computing Experience (IBM Cloud) through an open-source Qiskit API (Application Programming Interface) accessible by Python programming language.

Quantum Machine Learning has the big potential to…

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