My Journey to Quantum Computing

TL;DR: Getting trustable sources from leading Industry Experts and Universities is important. Getting certified is a way to prove that we have reached certain milestones in learning. Clarifying challenging and complex concepts by consulting with different experts would be invaluable in building our understanding gradually.
A Quantum Gate: H brings a Qubit to a Superposition state. The illustration shows a |0> quantum state transformed to a |+> quantum state.
The illustration shows a typical flow of submitting a job from a classical computer to an IBM quantum computer. The Quantum computer then executes the job and returning quantum measurement results to the classical computer.
A screenshot shows an IBM Quantum Experience on IBM Cloud — accessed on May 18, 2020, and available for Public Access since May 2016. We can develop, run, and inspect the result in a drag-and-drop circuit model or do it within Jupyter Notebook with Phyton by including the Qiskit library.
I think it is safe to say that “the more I think I understand the quantum mechanics three basic concepts: superposition, entanglement and interference,” the more I do not understand the concept.
It’s like being in a superposition state, in which when not being measured, the state can be in the probability of “50% understand” and “50% does not understand” at the same time.
Agung Trisetyarso has a Ph.D. in Quantum Computing from Keio University, Japan, and currently holds a position as Head of Concentration at Department of Doctor of Computer Science, Bina Nusantara University.
Andi Sama, 2020a, “QTM1x: The Quantum Internet and Quantum Computers: How Will They Change the World?”, Delft University of Technology.
Andi Sama, 2020b, “QTM3x: Architecture, Algorithms, and Protocols of a Quantum Computer and Quantum Internet”, Delft University of Technology.
IBM Quantum Badges, which can be earned only by IBMers.
Imelda Muti, an IBMer, the Chief Operating Officer of IBM Indonesia, recently got her first IBM Quantum Badge, IBM Quantum Conversations: Foundational.
Jing Yi Chan, an IBMer, the IBM Quantum Ambassador in the Asia Pacific region, has achieved the highest status of badges available as an IBM Quantum Distinguished Ambassador.
Quantum Machine Learning. A generic neural network model trained on the ImageNet dataset is used as the base for Transfer Learning on the Image Classification task (based on ResNet18). This pre-trained model's last layer is modified by quantum means through a quantum machine learning framework: The framework provides convenient access to multiple quantum simulators and real quantum computer backend, including IBM real Quantum Computer on IBM Quantum Computing Experience (IBM Cloud) through an open-source Qiskit API (Application Programming Interface) accessible by Python programming language.
A few examples of prediction during inference using trained hybrid classical-quantum machine learning model applied on the test dataset. Note that predictions are not 100% accurate.

Challenges Ahead



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